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I love when someone remembers something I told them a long time ago.
Atomic number 79. Parts of Alaska14th, KGB, SIBil'13, and MAC. Bismillah, Humboldt University!


"This is my precious, lovely wife.. Ms. Kim Mi Young." 

But that woman…knows how to treat a person with honesty… And that woman, knows how to take care…of a person’s hurt feelings….and sympathize with them. That’s why…she’s my very special and precious, very lovely wife—Kim Mi Young.

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D. Pitt, everyone’s favourite neighbourhood oppa (。◕‿◕。)

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Fated to Love You

Very mature men

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High School King Episode 13 Preview

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I’m afraid that when the time comes… I won’t be able to let that person go.

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There is one thing that nobody is aware of. That woman is a very strange woman. After living with her, I realized that she has a very odd charm. If you keep looking at her, she becomes really pretty. If she was just pretty, it would be boring, but she is also cute, adorable, and even very kind.
That’s why, no matter how ordinary she is, she is my very special, precious, and lovely wife.

fix, episode 8 fated to love you bikin iri!!!!

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While you’re with me, you can lean on me. My shoulders are broader than they appear. They are capable of supporting you.

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Romantisme dalam Islam 


Hal romantis yg seperti mana lagi…
Selain menundukkan pandangan hanya utk kekasih halal bagi dirinya

Hal romantis yg seperti mana lagi…
Selain menjaga kehormatan dan kesucian iman sampai tiba waktu halal bagi dirinya

Hal romantis yg seperti mana lagi…
Selain melawan kemapanan hidup dan…

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Loft Hammock Workspace


Loft Hammock Workspace

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